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Looking for Vietnamese food in the Suntec area

Get Vietnamese food delivered to you in Suntec

Looking for authentic tasting Vietnamese food in the Suntec area? There’s a better and more convenient way to get your fix for Vietnamese tastes and flavours. 

Simply order from Qwang on GrabFood and get it delivered to right to your doorstep!

Vietnamese food delivery to Suntec

With near islandwide delivery coverage on GrabFood app, you can order and enjoy our signature Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad bowls, Banh Mi, flavourful chilled Vietnamese Coffee and fresh creamy Avocado mousse ice cream dessert anytime anywhere with ease and convenience. 

Qwang is a quick-serve F&B concept that specialises in popular and highly regarded Vietnamese soul food such as Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad and Banh Mi (Vietnamese Sandwich), quintessential foodfare and perfect entry to appreciating and enjoying the world of Vietnamese cuisine. 

Authentic Vietnamese tastes and flavours to fall in love with 

Derived from the classic Bún thịt nướng, our version of this signature Vietnamese dish retains the traditional Vietnamese tastes and flavours while dialing up the health quotient for the modern urbanite consumers with no MSG, less oil, salt and sugar in all our ingredients. 

More so than the usual recognisable noodle fare of Pho or Bun bo hue, Vietnamese rice noodle salad is a dish that perfectly represents the colourful and layered nuances of Vietnamese cuisine culture.

Distinct sweet, sour, tangy and savoury tastes all come together in a well-balanced and harmonious hearty bowl of goodness that you just want to keep coming back for more. 

Coupled with our special chilled Vietnamese coffee, a Qwang bowl is the right meal for any time of the day, any day. 

And right now, you can order from Qwang easily on GrabFood and have your food delivered right to you hassle-free!

Self-collect or dine-in

If you’re near our location, you may want to pop over and enjoy your meal right at our outlet! Or place an order on our website and drop by to collect once your order is ready. 

Click here for directions, or check the map below:

Enjoy Vietnamese food in Suntec

So if you’re in the Suntec area and in the mood for Vietnamese food, simply order from Qwang.