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Vietnamese Food in Nex

Looking for Vietnamese food in Nex? There’s a better and more convenient way to get your fix for Vietnamese tastes and flavours. 

And that is by simply ordering online with Qwang to have your food delivered directly to your doorstep. 

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Qwang serves up bowls of healthy Vietnamese rice noodle salad, highly popular in the west and quickly gaining traction in Singapore. 

More so than the usual recognisable fare of Pho or Banh mi, Vietnamese rice noodle salad is a dish that perfectly represents the colorful and layered nuances of Vietnamese cuisine culture.

Distinct sweet, sour, tangy and savory tastes all come together in a well-balanced and harmonious hearty bowl of goodness that you just want to keep coming back for more. 

Coupled with our special chilled Vietnamese coffee, a Qwang bowl is the right meal for any time of the day, any day. 

Prefer to pick up your Qwang bowls yourself? Click here for directions, or check the map below:

So whenever you’re in the mood for Vietnamese food in Nex, fret not about finding good tasting ones, for we at Qwang are ready to serve you!