Co Hai Banh Mi Singapore Review

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What is Co Hai Banh Mi?

Co Hai Banh Mi is an outlet in Singapore offering Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches, and is located at the planning areas of Kallang, Rochor and the Downtown Core in Singapore.

Reviews on Co Hai Banh Mi

There are a number of food reviews and articles online featuring Co Hai Banh Mi. Some of them are as follows:

"Delicious delicious Banh Mi. Ordered the signature Co Hai baguette. It contains ham, roasted pork, pork floss, and pate. The combination results in a flavour bomb! Baguette is crispy and the pate makes it moist. Spring roll is also well made with decent portion. Price wise it's a little higher but it's a cafe with beautiful decor, so I think it's reasonable. Will definitely return to try other food!" - Google

"Bbq prawns are the best I've had in Singapore definated a must order dish! Fresh with a great flavour. The hairy clams was amazing and they have Hanoi buncha which is the main reason why I stepped into this shop". - Trip Advisor

"Wow this Banh Mi was rly decent! Baguette was fluffy and soft on the inside, toasted perfectly and crispy on the outside and yet not too hard (which can make other baguettes rly hard to eat). The meat was very soft and tender but I do wish that they put more veggies and pickles in haha I felt like they could have been a bittt more generous with the fillings.". - Burpple

How is Qwang Banh Mi different from Co Hai Banh Mi?

The great thing about food is that we all have our own taste preferences, and you can definitely like more than one brand of Banh Mi in Singapore

What makes Qwang Banh Mi different from others is our own marinated meats such as beef ribeye, chicken leg and pork, with no MSG, less oil, salt and sugar for a healthier offering, while at the same time retaining the authentic Vietnamese tastes and flavours that you’ve come to love about banh mi in the first place. 

We use only premium-quality Vietnamese baguettes for our banh mi. Light, airy and crispy with a soft interior and a hint of fragrant buttery scent, it perfectly compliments the ingredients that we put into it, for a hearty and yummylicious banh mi experience that you can’t help but fall in love with. 

Craving some banh mi? Order now!

You can order delicious banh mi directly on our website here for self-pickup, or go onto GrabFood app and search for “Qwang”, place an order and have it delivered right to your home or office. It’s that convenient and easy! 

If you’re looking for awesome Vietnamese food in Singapore, you can’t go wrong with Qwang!