Banh Mi Saigon Singapore Review

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What is Banh Mi Saigon?

Banh Mi Saigon is an outlet in Singapore offering Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches, and is located at North East part of Singapore.

Reviews on Banh Mi Saigon

There are a number of food reviews and articles online featuring Banh Mi Saigon. Some of them are as follows:

"This place serves one of the best Vietnamese sandwich or Banh Mi I have ever tried in Singapore, very addictive as one keeps coming back!!! The meat ball sandwich is really good!!". - Trip Advisor

"Highly recommended for authentic taste, the staff are friendly when you need recommendations if you’re there for the first time. Had the roast pork sandwich and salt baked chicken sandwich. Both tasted great and worth the price and wait (20-30mins).Tried the spring/summer rolls which are freshly made but a little pricey. Their Vietnamese milk coffee was a little sweet but also worth a try. Would definitely go back for more in the future". - Google

"Hands down my favourite banh mi in Singapore. Soft inside crispy outside, the baguette is outstandingly delicious compared to many other banh mi stalls I've tried. Fillings were super generous that I couldn't finish all of them. The only gripe I had with my banh mi was how some of the pig's ears were quite hard to chew but that's just a personal preference. Other than that, the banh mi is so good and the sauce punchy and refreshing. They definitely don't skimp on the sauce and ingredients. Highly recommend to eat it within 10 minutes as the baguette stays crispy only till then.". - Burpple

How is Qwang Banh Mi different from Banh Mi Saigon?

The great thing about food is that we all have our own taste preferences, and you can definitely like more than one brand of Banh Mi in Singapore

What makes Qwang Banh Mi different from others is our own marinated meats such as beef ribeye, chicken leg and pork, with no MSG, less oil, salt and sugar for a healthier offering, while at the same time retaining the authentic Vietnamese tastes and flavours that you’ve come to love about banh mi in the first place. 

We use only premium-quality Vietnamese baguettes for our banh mi. Light, airy and crispy with a soft interior and a hint of fragrant buttery scent, it perfectly compliments the ingredients that we put into it, for a hearty and yummylicious banh mi experience that you can’t help but fall in love with. 

Craving some banh mi? Order now!

You can order delicious banh mi directly on our website here for self-pickup, or go onto GrabFood app and search for “Qwang”, place an order and have it delivered right to your home or office. It’s that convenient and easy!

If you’re looking for awesome Vietnamese food in Singapore, you can’t go wrong with Qwang!