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233 Banh Mi

For the excellent beef Banh Mi, fresh ingredients are used. However, the flavour is much milder than the one I had in Hanoi. The iced coffee has a pleasant aroma and is a healthy choice because it includes less sugar by default. typically a wholesome, straightforward takeout meal.

Delicious and fresh Bahn Mi. The baguette is crunchy, light, and fluffy. I've tried a few various kinds, and so far, I like the Beef the best. The pickled vegetables are crisp and well-blended, and the beef is ample.

For me, banh mi is a lowly snack. Vietnamese people utilise a version of the French baguette that is airy and pillowy within. stuffed with pickled vegetables, a pate spread, a small amount of mayonnaise, savoury meats, hot peppers,