Ga tan

Ga tan

Ga Tan, stewed sweet herbal chicken soup, is a Hanoi specialty and a deeply-guarded traditional recipe incorporating a special mixture of secret herbs and spices handed down from parent to child over generations.

Why do people like Ga tan

Ga tan-being-enjoyed

gà tần (a chicken soup) is a combination of instant noodles, mugwort and oriental herbs. With such not only yummy but super healthful ingredients, it is a common dish for sick people, especially after they have recovered. Mỳ gà tần  is far from visually appealing anyway, and this highly popular street place serves a particularly unappetising variant. Luckily, it’s delicious. Best served when hot, this would not be the top choice in boiling summers, but in bleak winters in Hanoi.

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Ingredients that go into Ga tan

• Chicken (Vietnamese chicken)
• Wormwood
• Chinese herbs (available from Asian
supermarkets and Chine pharmacies)
• Turmeric
• Vietnamese wine
• Salt, pepper, seasoning

How to cook Ga tan

1. Wash the chicken well. Rub with salt, pepper, seasoning. Marinate inside and out for 30’.

2. Wash the fresh green wormwood, removing any wilted leaves.

3. Prepare the chicken, Chinese herbs, turmeric, wormwood leaves.

4. Place the wormwood layer in the bottom of a clay pot, adding the chicken, Chinese herbs, and turmeric. Top with another layer of wormwood leaves, add 100ml of water, and cover with lid.

5. Put the clay pot into a larger saucepan with water. Steam over medium heat for 30’. After that, turn off heat but leave the clay pot for another 30’.

6. 10’ before serving, bring this mixture to a boil again and add 20ml of rice wine, continuing to steam for another 5’.

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What can Ga tan be served together with

Ga tan-served

n old chicken is too tough while a spring chicken may not bring the right flavor. However, when choosing the perfect chicken, the cook will need to marinate it in spices and salt for about half an hour before simmer it with nuts, seeds as well as medicinal herbs.The instant noodle with chicken stew with herbs includes a bowl of noodles, sprinkled with bean sprouts on top.

Other popular Vietnamese food

Besides Ga tan, there are other vietnamese food dishes that are highly popular in Singapore and around the world. Below is a list of some of the most mentioned ones:

Pho, Cha Ca, Banh Xeo, Cao Lau, Rau Muong, Nem Ran Cha Gio, Goi Cuon, Bun Bo Hue, Banh Khot, Ga Tan, Nom Hoa Chuoi, Hoa Qua Dam, Pho Cuon, Ga Nuong, Pho Xao, Ca Phe Trung, Bo La Lot, Xoi, Banh Cuon, Ca Tim Kho To, Bot Chien, Bun Dau Mam Tom, Banh Goi, Com Suon Nuong, Chao, Bo Luc Lac, Hat De Nong, Banh Uot thit nuong, Bun Cha, Banh Mi, Lau, Banh Bao, Com rang, Bo Bit Tet, Com Chay, Che, My Xao Bo, Dau Phu Sot Ca Chua, Canh Bun

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