Ca phe trung

Ca phe trung ]

Ca phe trung recipe can be adjusted based on your sweetness and coffee strength preference. You will have complete control over the quantity of coffee grounds and sweetened condensed milk that goes into the recipe. And if you are a fan of Vietnamese coffee, you will appreciate it even more when incorporated into one of my baked goods, such as my Vietnamese Coffee Tiramisu Layer Cake or my Chocolate Mini Bundt Cakes.

Are you looking for a fresh approach to satiate your need for coffee? If so, this Vietnamese Egg Coffee, also known as cà phê trng, is sure to satisfy your cravings thanks to its sweet, thick cream topping and robust coffee that tastes similar to espresso. Your tastebuds will be dancing with delight as the flavours of the rich, nutty Vietnamese coffee and the sweet whipped topping combine to create an irresistible flavour harmony that will instantly wake you up.

Why do people like Ca phe trung

Ca phe trung being enjoyed

If you're anything like me, black coffee poured straight from the pot isn't your cup of tea. You are looking for a beverage that not only gives you energy but also has flavour.

This robust cup of coffee is finished off with a topping of sweet and foamy whipped egg yolks that have been blended with condensed milk. The light and airy sweet cream is perfectly balanced by the robust Vietnamese coffee, which results in a beverage that is neither overly sweet nor overly potent. The egg coffee that is popular in Vietnam can be thought of more as a dessert than a beverage.

If you like Dalgona coffee, Starbucks frappuccinos, tiramisu, or if you like to experiment with different cafe options, then you are going to absolutely adore this drink!


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Ingredients that go into Ca phe trung

  • After trying Nguyen Supply's blend of Robusta and Arabica beans for the first time, I was hooked on Vietnamese coffee forever after. On the other hand, there are a plethora of different brands available today. Cafe Du Monde is a well-known brand that many of my Vietnamese acquaintances and relatives like to consume.
  • Using Espresso as a Substitute for Vietnamese Coffee If you do not have access to Vietnamese coffee or a coffee phin, the best substitute that you can use is a shot or two of espresso. The traditional drip coffee would be too mild and watered down in comparison to the robust flavour of Vietnamese coffee. In order to achieve a flavour that is in harmony and not overpowering, the sweetness of the egg cream must be countered by the robustness of the Vietnamese coffee or espresso.
  • Sweetened Condensed Milk: A traditional Vietnamese coffee is not complete without the use of sweetened condensed milk. It contributes a luscious sweetness while also enhancing the overall creaminess of the dish. Because of its depth, boldness, and richness, Vietnamese coffee pairs exceptionally well with the sweetness of condensed milk.
  • Egg Yolks: The Egg Yolk Cream that has been whipped produces a deliciously thick and foamy creamy texture. A more dessert-like experience is created as a result of its slightly increased density in comparison to frothed milk.
  • Sugar, Granulated Sugar: Sugar is an ingredient that helps to make a foam that is more dense and stiff. In the absence of sugar, the peaks of the whipped foam would become flatter and their structure would not be maintained in the same way.
  • Water That Is Boiling The water temperature that should be used to brew Vietnamese coffee should be 96 degrees Celsius (or 205 degrees Fahrenheit).

How to make Ca phe trung

  1. Warm the water. Raise the temperature of the water to 96°C or 205°F.
  2. Mix in some coffee grounds. Put the phin filter on top of the phin plate, and then add two tablespoons of coffee grounds to the filter. After you have evened out the grinds, carefully place them in the gravity press.
  3. Coffee grounds should be brewed. Put the phin filter and the plate over the heat-resistant cup you have. A quarter of an inch of boiling water should be poured over the gravity press, and then it should be left to bloom for about 30 to 40 seconds.
  4. Prepare some coffee. Pour up to 3.2 ounces of water into the phin filter, or fill it with water until it reaches the top. While you wait for the coffee to brew, place the lid on the filter and wait. Before two minutes have passed, the first drop should have fallen. In approximately five minutes to five minutes and thirty seconds, the coffee should have finished dripping, so in the interim, you should begin whipping the egg cream.

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    What can Ca phe trung be served together with

    Ca phe trung served

    Put your sugar, egg yolk, and sweetened condensed milk into a small mixing bowl. Mix well. Whisk for about three to four minutes with an electric mixer, until the mixture becomes thick and fluffy. You can determine how airy the whipped cream is by testing it by dropping a small amount into a cup of water; it should float. In the event that it does not, continue whisking the mixture until the cream is able to float.

    Add cream to your coffee. When the coffee has finished dripping, carefully take out the phin filter, which will still be very hot. Scoop the cream onto the freshly brewed coffee using a spoon, and do so as quickly as possible. Mix it up, take a sip, and enjoy it!

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