Bun dau mam tom

Bun dau mam tom

Bun dau mam tom is one of simple dishes of Hanoians. You can buy bun dau mam tom at just about any establishment, from roadside stalls to crowded markets....

The recipe for bun dau mam tom is quite simple; it consists of rice noodles, deep-fried tofu, and fermented shrimp paste, and it is served with some herbs like Vietnamese balm, perilla leaves, and some sliced fresh chilies, as well as kumquat juice... It is the recipe for the original bun dau mam tom. After that, boiled meat, Vietnamese sweet rice flake meatballs (Ch cm), fired pig organs (Lng rán), and other ingredients are frequently added to the bun dau mam tom dish.

Why do people like Bun dau mam tom

Bun dau mam tom being enjoyed


This is how it is done, but the mam tom concoction is what gives the bun dau mam tom its "soul." The execution of the mam tom process will determine the success or failure of the bun dau mam tom recipe. It is a significant obstacle for many visitors from outside of Vietnam to try "mam tom," which is widely considered to be one of the most pungent foods in the country. On the other hand, if you are able to get past this sensation, there is a good chance that you will become addicted to the pungent and salty smell of "mam tom."

Because some people find the aroma of "mam tom" to be offensive, they opt to use fish sauce in its place; however, do you know why we call the dish "bun dau mam tom"? Both the bun dau and the mam tom are essential components, and you cannot have one without the other. This dish might not have the same signature flavour if "mam tom" wasn't included in it.


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Ingredients that go into Bun dau mam tom

  • 4 blocks of tofu
  • 1 kg rice noodle
  • 1 bottle fermented shrimp paste
  • Herbs: Vietnamese balm, perilla leaves, cucumbers, mint
  • Sugar, fresh chilies, kumquat juice

How to cook Bun dau mam tom

Step 1:

Toast the tofu:

Tofu can be fried in two different ways: first, as cut-pieces, and second, as whole pieces. When I fry it, I like to keep the whole piece and cut it into pieces before serving.

Start by heating a pan over high heat, then pour in a substantial amount of oil. Fry the tofu cubes in a deep fryer until they become crunchy and golden brown. To ensure that both sides of the tofu turn out golden and delicious, rotate the pieces of tofu quickly.

Step 2:

Putting together a mam-tom:

Put as much fermented shrimp paste as you like, in the quantity that you want, into a bowl.

  • Sugar and kumquat juice are to be seasoned, and then the mixture should be stirred thoroughly until foams form.
  • Add one to two tablespoons of the hot oil left in the tofu-frying pan.
  • Include some fresh chilies that have been sliced.
  • Repeat this step to ensure that all of the ingredients are combined.

Step 3:

Put the dish together by:

  • A small winnowing basket, also known as a cái mt, is frequently used in the preparation of bun dau mam tom at certain restaurants.
  • Rice noodles should be cut into bite-sized pieces before being placed in the winnowing basket.
  • Tofu should be cut into bite-sized pieces before being placed next to the noodles.
  • The winnowing basket should have a bowl of mam tom placed in the middle of it.
  • Decorate with herbs that have been prepared: Balm made from the leaves of the Vietnamese perilla plant, sliced cucumbers, and more...
  • In addition to the primary components of bun dau, you can round out a winnowing basket by including some young green sticky rice rolls, meat that has been boiled, and fried pig organs.

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What can Bun dau mam tom be served together with

Bun dau mam tom served

It is necessary to concoct mam tom in order to use it with bun dau. Mam tom is a combination of a little bit of sour from kumquat juice, a little bit of spicy from sliced fresh chilies, and a little bit of sweet from sugar. The mam-tom mixture is going to be stirred very thoroughly until it begins to foam. It is a method to lessen the potent odour of mam tom while preserving its distinctive flavour in its natural state.

If we consider "mam tom" to be the essence of this dish, then the herbs and spices that go into making bun dau mam tom are what give it its signature flavour. The typical flavour of bun dau mam tom can be lost if there is not enough of the spicy taste of Vietnamese balm or perilla leaves.

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