Best Vietnamese Food Yishun

Qwang is the newest Vietnamese food concept on the block, but stands out from the rest by specialising in Vietnamese rice noodles (“bún”) instead of the usual banh mi, or pho, and other Vietnamese cuisine fare.

Qwang essentially offers a healthier version of Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad, highly popular in the US and UK, while slowly but surely gaining popularity in Asia as well. Each bowl consists of a base of: springy rice noodles mixed with a healthy serving of fresh lettuce, cucumbers and succulent cherry tomatoes, followed by a dash of vietnamese pickled daikon and carrots. And finally, topped with a protein item of your choice.

The signature ones to go for would be the Beef Bowl ($16.80) and the Chicken Bowl ($9.80), not forgetting to make it a complete meal by having a bottle of Chilled Vietnamese Coffee ($4.60) to go with it.

Qwang is available for delivery islandwide or self pickup directly at its outlet.

If you’re into authentic Vietnamese soul food, do check out Qwang.

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